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December 03 2011

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Starting to finally get into lolita. Aiming more towards classic, but I do like some of the more toned down sweet prints. Really looking forward to Twinkle Carnival from AP. It may end up being my first loli garment, depending on whether or not I like some of the newer images of the print.

Also just bought this bag from AP. Pretty fucking happy. It should be here in a few weeks, right?
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May 28 2011

So, uh. I got a root canal this morning. Last night, as I was scrubbing the floors at Cold Stone after closing, I slipped and feel on my face. And the tooth between my left front and canine teeth broke in half, horizontally. It didn't hurt at all. The tooth, I mean. Unless I touched it. The fall hurt for about a second though.

Luckily, my uncle does root canals, but he was in Spain, along with my normal dentist [and his super duper best friend]. So he had the other doctor in his office perform the root canal first thing in the morning. It was surreal, but the anesthesia shots hurt like hell. It was over in about an hour. I just can't believe I now have a fake tooth.


May 26 2011

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I'm drowning.
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